Mr. Bones’ Wild Trial

Mr. Bones was betrayed by his evil brother, or something, who turned his undead minions against Mr. Bones and began abducting undead cats for… well, something nefarious!

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Mr. Bones’ Wild Trial was a quick exercise in development between my friends and I for the fun of making a game together. We wanted to have something to show in the relatively little time that we were all still in the same town for Winter break, so we chose to create a clone of a game we all knew and loved: Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Doing so reduced the design burden and enabled us to have a (more or less) shared vision to work towards.

In particular, this prototype has the same movement and shooting mechanics as ZAMN, the same weapon / item inventory system, and the same victim collection mechanic. Of course, the game we cloned had many more mechanics (and more than one type of enemy), but for a prototype with two levels, we did alright.

The team consisted of: Nilson Carroll, Ian Colley, and myself. The game was greatly enhanced by our diversity of talent, including graphic art and music composing, though we were all trying some new things out.


  • Unity 4.0 — game engine
  • GIMP — graphic art
  • Paint.NET — graphic art
  • sfxr — sound effects
  • Finale — music composition
  • Reaper — music sequencing
  • Texture Packer — creating sprite sheets
  • SVN — version control
  • TortoiseSVN — Windows SVN client
  • Cornerstone — Mac SVN client